E-bikes are gaining speed in Australia

It’s just like riding a bike. In fact, it’s much easier

E-bikes are gaining speed in Australia

You may have noticed people riding strange bikes that seem to be travelling particularly fast without much peddling at all. You’ll often see these riders zipping in and out of traffic, and they seem to be hardly puffing at all.


Well, chances are they’re riding an ‘E-Bike’. The ‘E’ stands for electric, and in terms of popularity, it seems the world can’t get enough of them. In 2016, there’s an estimated 200 million E-bikes being ridden around the world, with the majority being purchased in China. Some experts are predicting this figure will grow to around two billion worldwide by the year 2050.

Why E-bikes are so popular?

To begin with, E-bikes allow people of all ages and fitness levels to get out and be active without causing strain or injury, and allows people to gradually enhance their fitness. For instance, on an E-bike, when you come to hill, or start to encounter a challenging head wind, just switch on the electric motor for some added ‘ooomph’. (no problem at all!)


The beauty of this type of bicycle is that you have total control over how much or how little power assistance you receive. The human power is exerted through the pedals like a normal bicycle and the electric power is provided by an electric motor. You don’t need a licence, and they don’t need to be registered as they’re regarded as street legal power.


But there’s also another, more practical reason for the surge in popularity; an E-bike is actually much cheaper than a car, or even catching public transport if you were to average it all out over a few years.


In fact, you can pick up an E-bike for as little as $1000. According to the manufacturer, these little bikes will give you a maximum speed of around 25 kilometres an hour, and a range of up to 50 kilometres with pedal-assist mode using a 36 volt, 250 watt lithium battery. When you’re finished riding, they can be folded up and fit into most car boots when they’re not in use.


Along with being environmentally friendly, a lithium battery for an electric bike costs only 10-15 cents on average to fully recharge. This means you can potentially save thousands of dollars a year compared with driving a car or using public transport.

There are now several companies in Australia specialising in E-bikes, and you can pay anything from around $1000 for a base model right up to around $10,000 with all the bells and whistles. Most come with a two-year warranty, and if you’re buying from Tasmania, and it’s coming from the mainland, they’ll often throw in free shipping costs.

10 Reasons to buy an e-bike

1. Help you go further, faster, longer
2. You’ll ride more often
3. Help you become fitter
4. Save you money
5. Great for commuting
6. Great for dealing with hills
7. Great for dealing with head winds
8. Fun to ride
9. Environmentally friendly
10. Help you to explore the world

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