Industry leading battery and robotics

McDougall’s Power Equipment have been operating since 1930. We have been selling Husqvarna products since 1965. It has been amazing to be involved with the company for such a long period of time and witness the change from rudimentary 2-stroke engines to now computer-controlled engines as well as industry-leading battery and robotics products. The battery range has impressed everybody that has tried them, and we believe it won’t be too long before petrol machines are a thing of the past. We already have stopped stocking some petrol machines because the battery version outperforms them! The robotic mowers have been around
since 1995 and now outsell petrol powered mowers in Europe, with many countries following the trend. It’s not hard to see why – the lawn is mowed for you, your grass always looks good,
weeds tend to disappear, no large ride on mower to store and service, virtually silent and inexpensive to run. Come and check out the range and have a chat with the guys at McDougall’s
to see if an Automower will work at your place.