From military ops to urban trend

The rapid increase in the number of 4WD vehicles in and around our cities is hard to miss.

It seems that everywhere you look there is a 4WD in place of the once prefered station wagons. And while this is not due to a lack of great station wagons on the market, no one can deny the amazing reception towards 4WD vehicles – Compacts, SUVs, On and Off-Road.

But who actually drives them? Who’s buying these symbols of outdoor freedom and adventure?

The 4WD was originally designed as a military utility vehicle, with great allterrain mobility.

They were short and light compared to other military armoured vehicles, and had the capacity to carry at least four passengers. Car brands, such as Jeep and Hummer in the USA and Land Rover in the UK, all began their impressive legacy as military vehicles. 4WD saw a rise in popularity as the primary vehicle for producers and offroad enthusiasts. However, the demand for 4WD increasingly comes from innercity drivers who enjoy taking weekend trips and driving off-road for recreation. From camping families to soccer mum, cool guys to successful entrepreneurs, the 4 Wheel Drives are the new must-have.

The need for big cars in urban environments has come under scrutiny at times, and according to the Australia Institute, size does matter to some who purchase these types of vehicles. It found that while men prefer larger 4WD models, women prefer the more compact and luxurious models.

In the search for a balance between duty and downtime, city dwellers are searching for the perfect car to take them from their routine to a life of adventure and excitement. With so many models and options in the market, if you think a 4WD is not for you, perhaps you have not found the right one.