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Rural Tasmania - The perfect playground for little tykes on motorbikes

The wind in your hair, the wide open road, the roar of the engine under your seat, and all that freedom! There’s so much to like about the idea of riding a motorbike, which is why there’s so many on

Our roads are an untapped mecca for motorcycles. For motorcycle touring enthusiasts, it doesn’t get much better than Tasmania in autumn. There’s still plenty of sunshine, the air is crisp and clean, and our quiet winding roads will take you

Freedom Ride is coming to Blackmans Bay. Looking for a fun social event where you can also do some exercise? Then get on your bike to support this year’s ‘Freedom Ride’, which starts from Blackmans Bay, just south of Hobart,

New laws that came into effect in late January 2018 means that Tasmanian motorcyclists can now ride past traffic moving in the same direction legally, and joins Queensland, Victoria and South Australia in legalising 'lane filtering'.